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The Missouri Lottery is based in Jefferson City with three regional offices located in Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield. The Lottery is broken down into four divisions: Division of Sales, Division of Operations, Division of Marketing and Division of Executive Director's Office.
The Missouri Lottery sent more than $425 million to Missouri education in FY23. That's approximately $2.7 million per Lottery employee.

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Organizational Chart


The Missouri Lottery is based in Jefferson City with three regional offices located in Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield. The Lottery is broken down into five divisions: Division of Sales, Division of Operations, Division of Marketing, Division of Executive Director's Office and Division of Information Technology.

Job Title # Minority FTE American Indian/Native Alaskan Asian Black or African American Hispanic or Latino NTV Hawaiian/other PAC Islander Two or More Races
Admin Support Assistant 1   1        
Admin Support Professional 1     1      
Applications Developer 1   1        
Applications Development Specialist 1   1        
Associate Applications Developer 1           1
Client Support Tech 1     1      
Lottery Customer Service Specialist 2     1     1
Lottery District/Corporate Sales Manager 1     1      
Lottery Field Representative 8 1 1 5     1
Lottery Sales Manager 2     2      
Quality Control Specialist 1     1      
Systems Administration Tech 1 1          
Total 21 2 4 12 0 0 3

153.5 FTE, 21 minorities (13.7%), 87 females (56.7%)
Effective Sept. 1, 2023

Out of 153.5 full-time equivalent employees:
Twenty-one employees are minorities (13.7%) and 87 employees are females (56.7%)
Effective Sept. 1, 2023

Minority Employees Chart

Female Employees Chart

Mentoring & Training

The Missouri Lottery has created an organizational culture of development with the support of our employees through an Employee Mentor Program. This program was established to ensure employees take an active role in spreading knowledge and best practices throughout the organization. The mentoring program provides Missouri Lottery employees with career guidance and encouragement through the establishment of formal mentor partnerships.

Since the program began, an average of 33 employees have participated each year. This is equivalent to approximately one out of five current employees.

In addition to internal mentoring, Lottery employees complete training each year to develop our organization further. In FY23, Missouri Lottery employees completed more than 6,051 training hours. That's more than 252 days of training, organization-wide, including annual, mandatory training in responsible gaming.

Fair Employment Practices

The Missouri Lottery has set forth policy and procedures, pertaining to applicants for employment and employees, that are fair practices and in compliance with applicable laws and statutes. The Lottery is an equal opportunity employer. Employees are hired and advanced on the basis of knowledge, skills, and ability and no applicant for employment or employee will be discriminated against in regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, genetic information or political affiliation.

Code of Conduct

The Missouri Lottery has adopted the State Code of Conduct to provide Lottery employees guidelines for conduct. Executive Orders 92-04 and 18-10 state the Code of Conduct that all employees of the State of Missouri are to follow in executing the responsibilities of their positions. Missouri Lottery employees shall adhere to this code. Employees are also expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Seeing how our products support players, businesses, and communities is extremely rewarding and fun. I've enjoyed a 25-year-and-counting career at the Missouri Lottery. The work motivates me, and I am proud to be part of an agency that makes a difference for Missouri students.

Ashley Carel
Sales Operations Manager

Our Mission

To help fund educational opportunities for Missouri students, support Missouri businesses and entertain millions.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Customer-Focused, Diversity, Entertainment and Innovation

Our Vision

The Missouri Lottery strives to be an innovative leader in the Lottery industry and a trusted and valued partner for public education.