Ste. Genevieve County FY2022 Lottery Proceeds Expenditure Summary

Elementary and Secondary Education
School District Program Description Total Expended
STE GENEVIEVE PUBLIC SCHOOL Classroom Trust Distributed to each school district in the state qualified to receive state aid on an average daily attendance basis $25,605
STE GENEVIEVE PUBLIC SCHOOL Foundation Transportation Foundation Transportation $276,978
STE GENEVIEVE PUBLIC SCHOOL DFS/DMH School Placements Assists school districts in providing education to students in residential placements through DFS/DMH $8,378


All Missouri Lottery proceeds are earmarked for public education.
The Missouri Legislature determines how Lottery proceeds are allocated each year. Proceeds expended are unaudited Fiscal Year 2022 expenditures from SAMII.


Past Lottery Proceeds Funding

The amounts shown for each fiscal year below reflect the amount of funding appropriated by the Legislature for various educational programs. Appropriation amounts may vary from the actual dollar amounts expended.