Game #340

Spell your way to prizes of up to $50,000 in this $3 Scratchers game — and don't forget to scratch the Extra Bonus spot!

How to Play

Scratch the YOUR LETTERS box to reveal your 18 letters. Scratch the EXTRA BONUS to reveal 2 additional letters or a prize amount. If a prize amount is revealed in the EXTRA BONUS spot, win that amount. Scratch all corresponding letters in the CROSSWORD PUZZLE. If you have completely matched and scratched three (3) or more words in the CROSSWORD PUZZLE, you win the corresponding prize in the PRIZE LEGEND.

Official Start Date:
Jul. 14, 2021
End Date:
Aug. 06, 2022
Expire Date:
Feb. 02, 2023
Ticket Price:
Top Prize:
Average Chances*:
1 in 3.94
including $3 prizes
*Average chances may vary from game to game due to the variance in prize structures. Overall, Scratchers games generally have average chances of winning of 1 in 4. However, this does not mean that every fourth ticket will be a winner, as winning tickets are printed at random.