'I'll be Doggone!' Winner Laughs at $100,000 Lottery Prize

Oct. 27, 2022

A Missouri Lottery player could not stop laughing after winning a $100,000 top prize on a “Fun 5s” Scratchers ticket she bought at On the Run, 11109 Olive Blvd., in Creve Coeur.

“I’m like, ‘Whoa!’” she exclaimed. “I’ll be doggone!”

The winner explained she usually buys a different game, but she took a chance on the “Fun 5s” Scratchers ticket that day, winning prizes that added up to $100,000.

“The first prize I uncovered was $25,000,” she laughed. “I said, ‘Let me get my glasses, because I don’t think that’s right.’ I called to my daughter, ‘Sweetie, what does this say?’”

Her daughter confirmed the prize, but she still couldn’t believe her eyes.

“It's like I went blind for a second," she recalled. “It was just like, unbelievable. I didn’t scream; I think we were laughing so hard we couldn't believe it.”

She shared plans to use some of her winnings to start a business.

In FY22, players who purchased tickets in St. Louis County won more than $205.1 million in total Missouri Lottery prizes. Retailers in the county received more than $19.5 million in commissions and bonuses, and education programs in the county received more than $39 million in appropriated Lottery proceeds.