Game #425

Multiply your prizes up to 10 TIMES on this $1 ticket with top prizes of $5,000!

How to Play

Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to either WINNING NUMBER, win the prize shown.
Reveal a "2X" symbol, win 2 TIMES the prize.
Reveal a "5X" symbol, win 5 TIMES the prize.
Reveal a "10X" symbol, win 10 TIMES the prize.

Official Start Date:
May. 30, 2023
End Date:
Expire Date:
Ticket Price:
Top Prize:
Average Chances*:
1 in 4.62
including $1 prizes
*Average chances may vary from game to game due to the variance in prize structures. Overall, Scratchers games generally have average chances of winning of 1 in 4. However, this does not mean that every fourth ticket will be a winner, as winning tickets are printed at random.


Estimated* Unclaimed Prizes

Prize Level Total Prizes Unclaimed Prizes
$1 996,520 467,376
$2 427,080 191,463
$4 199,304 87,010
$5 56,944 24,569
$10 99,642 41,848
$20 35,595 14,745
$25 31,141 12,868
$100 2,337 955
$500 17 8
$1,000 13 6
$5,000 6 4


Total Prizes Unclaimed: $2,481,767
Total Prizes Won: $3,222,894


*Unclaimed prizes, including top prizes, are subject to the number of tickets distributed, sold and redeemed. Any of the prizes listed may have already been purchased, but not yet redeemed. A game may be closed due to performance, new game starts and seasonality.

*Second-chance promotional prizes (including cars, trips, etc.) are not included in "Total Prizes" or "Unclaimed Prizes" columns above.

The information on this page is updated daily.