Cash Pop

Friday, August 12
Matinee: 4
Friday, August 12
Late Morning: 2
Friday, August 12
Early Bird: 12
Thursday, August 11
Night Owl: 7
Thursday, August 11
Prime Time: 8

Understanding Cash Pop™ Chances

You may have read on the main game page that the overall chances of winning Cash Pop are 1 in 15. There's a pretty straightforward explanation of why that is: one number is drawn from a matrix of 15 in each drawing.

visual explanation of binomial coefficientTo dig deeper — the formula for figuring matching possibilities out of a set field of numbers is based on probability theory. Because there is only one number drawn from a field of fifteen numbers in Cash Pop, there are fifteen possible numbers that could be drawn. There is a relationship of the total number of ways to select 1 number out of the set of 15 to the number of successful choices and number of failed choices. So your number has a 1 in 15 chance of being drawn, while the numbers you didn't play have a 14 in 15 chance of being drawn.

visual explanation of binomial coefficient

This type of formula is referred to as a "hypergeometric distribution." If you have Microsoft Excel, there is a HYPGEOM.DIST function that can calculate these chances easily. The equations below show how the math behind this function works.

Chances for Winning:

visual explanation of chance to win

Overall Chances:

In Cash Pop, each Pop played has the same chance of being drawn: 1 in 15.

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