Where the Money Goes


When you play, you play it forward. Click on any county in the map below to see how Lottery proceeds were spent on education in FY 16 !

ALL Missouri Lottery proceeds are earmarked for public education, and the Missouri Legislature determines how these proceeds are allocated each year. The map below shows the amount of Lottery dollars spent on education during FY 16 , as well as the specific programs that benefited within that county.*

*Proceeds expended are unaudited Fiscal Year 2016 expenditures from SAMII. (July 1, 2015 , to June 30, 2016 ).


History of Missouri Lottery proceeds schuyler holt platte audrain cooper moniteau

See maps for the last three fiscal years by selecting from the drop-down menu below:

Education Appropriations: Past Lottery Proceeds Funding

The amounts shown for each fiscal year below reflect the amount of funding appropriated by the Legislature for various educational programs. Appropriation amounts may vary from the actual dollar amounts expended.

FY12 FY13