Elementary and Secondary Education

Elementary and Secondary Education Programs Funded by Missouri Lottery Proceeds in FY14

Middle School Students

Total proceed funding for FY14: $187,424,172

Since 1986, the Missouri Lottery has contributed more than $4.6 billion to the state of Missouri and public education.  Annual Lottery contributions comprise about 4 percent of the state's funding for public education – an effort shared by local, state and federal governments. 

For fiscal year 2014, more than $315 million from Lottery proceeds have been appropriated to Missouriís public education programs by the Missouri Legislature through House Bills 2, 3 and 6 from the 97th General Assembly. The following is a list of programs that will receive Lottery proceeds.

$143,679,552 (4 percent of total program funding)
Foundation Program
These funds help pay for the Foundation Formula, transportation, early childhood special education services, vocational education and early childhood development.

$19,590,000 (54 percent of total program funding)
Special Education Excess Costs
The fund was established to reimburse school districts for the educational costs of serving children with individualized education programs exceeding three times the current expenditure per average daily attendance. This fund will be both disability- and placement-neutral, creating a safety net for school districts that have no way of projecting the extraordinary cost of certain high-need students.

$10,184,981 (3 percent of total program funding)
Classroom Trust Fund
The fund consists of all monies transferred to it under section 160.534, RSMo, all monies otherwise appropriated or donated to it and all unclaimed Lottery prize money. The money deposited into the fund is distributed to each school district in the state qualified to receive state aid on an average daily attendance basis. The funds distributed can be spent at the discretion of the local school districts.

$7,768,606 (70 percent of total program funding)
Public Placement Excess Cost Program
This program was established to assist school districts in providing education services to students in residential placements through the Missouri Department of Mental Health or the Missouri Division of Family Services. It pays the excess cost incurred by those school districts for educating these students placed outside the school district where their parents reside.

$4,311,255 (27 percent of total program funding)
Performance-Based Assessment Program
This program provides funding for continued development, administration and scoring of the statewide Missouri Assessment Program (MAP). The Lottery funding covers testing costs for the subjects of math and communication arts.

$1,400,000 (2 percent of total program funding)
Vocational Rehabilitation Program
This money will be used by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to assist clients who have disabilities to obtain employment by diagnosis, physical restoration, training, placement and other related services.

$1,000,000 (100 percent of total program funding)
Urban and Metropolitan School District Teacher Employment Program
This money will be used to fund a teaching program aimed at employing teachers in underprivileged urban and metropolitan school districts.

$389,778 (100 percent of total program funding)
Virtual Schools
These proceeds fund the Missouri Virtual School Instruction Program (MoVIP), which offers instruction in a virtual setting using technology, intranet and/or Internet methods of communication. Any student under the age of 21 in grades K-12 who resides in Missouri is eligible to enroll, regardless of the studentís physical location.

$100,000 (100 percent of total program funding)
Kansas City Public School District Programming
This money is for the purpose of funding educational programs for students who reside in the Kansas City public school district. Seventy percent of the funds shall be used to support a research-based extended learning program.

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