TAKE $100 - GM #814

TAKE $100

Loaded with $100 Prizes!
Play one of the newest $2 Scratchers games from the Missouri Lottery for a chance to win a quick $100 or up to the top prize of $30,000. 

Ticket Price:
$ 2
Start Date:
Nov 23, 2010
End Date:
Nov 03, 2011
Expire Date:
May 01, 2012
Ways to Win:
Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to either WINNING NUMBER and win the prize for that number.  Reveal a "dollar bill" symbol and win the prize automatically.  Reveal a "stack of money" symbol and WIN ALL 10 PRIZES!
Average Chances:
1 in 4.44, including $2 prizes

*Average chances may vary from game to game due to the variance in prize structures. Overall, Scratchers games generally have average chances of winning of 1 in 4. However, this does not mean that every fourth ticket will be a winner, as winning tickets are printed at random.

Estimated* Prizes Remaining

Prize Level Total Prizes Remaining Prizes
$2 824,097 824,097
$4 400,199 400,199
$5 141,270 141,270
$10 141,227 141,227
$20 35,350 35,350
$40 27,530 27,530
$100 19,560 19,560
$1000 42 42
$3000 5 5
$30000 8 8

Total Prizes Remaining: $9,428,810.00
Total Prizes Won: $0.00

*Remaining prizes, including top prizes, are subject to the number of tickets distributed, sold and redeemed. Any of the prizes listed may have already been purchased, but not yet redeemed. A game may be closed due to performance, new game starts and seasonality.

*Second-chance promotional prizes (including cars, trips, etc.) are not included in "Total Prizes" or "Remaining Prizes" columns above.

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