Spell Your Way to $50,000!
The new $3 "Crossword" Missouri Lottery Scratchers game offers more than $12 million in prizes.  Win up to $50,000!

Ticket Price:
$ 3
Start Date:
Mar 01, 2008
End Date:
Nov 04, 2008
Expire Date:
May 03, 2009
Ways to Win:
To play, scratch the YOUR LETTERS box to reveal your 18 letters, and rub all corresponding letters in the CROSSWORD PUZZLE.  The letters on the CROSSWORD PUZZLE will turn dark blue when rubbed.  If you have completely matched and rubbed three or more words in the CROSSWORD PUZZLE, you win the corresponding prize in the PRIZE LEGEND.  Only one prize can be claimed per ticket.
Average Chances:
1 in 3.94, including $3 prizes

*Average chances may vary from game to game due to the variance in prize structures. Overall, Scratchers games generally have average chances of winning of 1 in 4. However, this does not mean that every fourth ticket will be a winner, as winning tickets are printed at random.

Estimated* Prizes Remaining

Prize Level Total Prizes Remaining Prizes
$3 680,096 680,096
$6 612,134 612,134
$10 340,065 340,065
$20 68,013 68,013
$50 18,463 18,463
$100 8,712 8,712
$500 564 564
$5000 54 54
$50000 14 14

Total Prizes Remaining: $13,520,352.00
Total Prizes Won: $0.00

*Remaining prizes, including top prizes, are subject to the number of tickets distributed, sold and redeemed. Any of the prizes listed may have already been purchased, but not yet redeemed. A game may be closed due to performance, new game starts and seasonality.

*Second-chance promotional prizes (including cars, trips, etc.) are not included in "Total Prizes" or "Remaining Prizes" columns above.

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