Prizes Paid

You might be a winner! Remember, all winning tickets must be claimed within 180 days from the drawing date.

Numbers Matched Number of MO Prizes $$ Won in MO
5 White balls & Lucky Ball0$1,000 A Day for Life*
5 White balls0$25,000 A Year for Life**
4 White balls & Lucky Ball0$5,000***
4 White balls5$200
3 White balls & Lucky Ball9$150
3 White balls199$20
2 White balls & Lucky Ball205$25
2 White balls3015$3
1 White ball & Lucky Ball895$6
0 White balls & Lucky Ball1249$4
Total MO Winners: 5,577          Total Won: $30,866
Location(s) of Top Prize Winner(s): N/A
Total Won amount does not include the top three tiers.
* Top prize is based on one winning ticket; therefore, it is pari-mutuel and may be less than shown with additional winners.
** The second prize is based on one to 20 winning tickets and will become pari-mutuel at 21 winning tickets.
*** The $5,000 prize value is guaranteed up to 1,000 winners. After that, it will be pari-mutuel, and the minimum is $200.