Prizes Paid

You might be a winner! Remember, all winning tickets must be claimed within 180 days from the drawing date.

Numbers Matched Number of MO Prizes $$ Won in MO Number of
MO Megaplier
Megaplier $$ Won in MO
5 White balls & Mega Ball0Jackpot--
5 White balls0$250,0000$1,000,000
4 White balls & Mega Ball0$10,0000$30,000
4 White balls10$1502$450
3 White balls & Mega Ball19$1501$450
3 White balls602$750$21
2 White balls & Mega Ball238$1025$30
1 White ball & Mega Ball1,420$3108$9
0 White balls & Mega Ball2,487$2190$6
Total MO Winners (without Megaplier):4,776Total Won:$20,178
Total MO Winners (with Megaplier):376Total Won:$5,262
Grand Total MO Winners:5,152Grand Total Won:$25,440
Location(s) of Jackpot Winner(s):          N/A