2003-03-24 16:39:12.0


Story Photo A Jefferson City man got an extra $25,000 "bonus" at work early on March 23 when he uncovered a top prize in the Missouri Lottery’s "25 Grand" Scratchers game.   Fred McKinney, 34, said he had just arrived at West Gate Lanes in Jefferson City to begin his maintenance job, when he decided to buy some lottery tickets.  He bought only one $2 "25 Grand" ticket, and it turned out to be a big winner.

"I had disbelief at first," said McKinney.   "I had to keep looking at the ticket."

McKinney and his wife, Debbie, who also works at the bowling alley, said they plan to use the prize money to buy Fred a new pick-up truck, since his truck has approximately 190,000 miles on it.   They may also buy some stereo equipment for their 16-year-old son’s car.

The Missouri Lottery’s $2 "25 Grand" game officially started Dec. 11, 2002.

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