2003-03-05 15:42:47.0


Story Photo A Chillicothe homemaker who went with "a feeling" is now $25,000 richer.   Rhonda Hargrave, 28, said on March 3 she stopped in Country Fresh IGA in Chillicothe to redeem a $5 winning Lottery ticket.  She bought another $5 ticket, but it was not a winner.  Then she "just had a feeling" to buy one more ticket with the $2 she had in her wallet, and that $2 "Monopoly" ticket turned out to be a $25,000 winner.

Hargrave said she and her husband, Chris, have been in the process of buying a home, and the prize money will come in handy for the down payment.

The Missouri Lottery’s $2 "Monopoly" game officially started Feb. 1.

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