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Story Photo A Springfield man’s Missouri Lottery ticket was drawn to make him the 32nd contestant in the "Fun & Fortune Wheel Spin" for a chance to win up to $250,000.  On Jan. 31, the Lottery drew 10 finalists from "Fun & Fortune" wheel spin entries submitted the previous week.  Each finalist will receive $500, and one of those 10 finalists – Curtis Garrison of Springfield - was drawn to be a contestant in the wheel spin on Feb. 7.

The nine other finalists selected in the first preliminary drawing to win $500 are:  Carol Schroyer of O’Fallon, Jack Howard of St. Louis, Lisa Robbins of Bonne Terre, Thomas Prewett of Dixon, Paul Jarirs of St. Louis, Karen Morrow of Imperial, Dennis Tischer of Hannibal, Anita Jackson of St. Charles and Gary Dains, Sr. of Ste. Genevieve.

The new "Fun & Fortune Wheel Spin," which replaced the televised "Fun & Fortune" game show, offers players more chances to win and bigger prizes. 

For a chance to win $500 and to spin the wheel, players need to buy a new $2 "Fun & Fortune" Scratchers ticket.  If the ticket is a winner and the prize won is ENTRY, the ticket should be mailed to the Lottery’s headquarters to be placed in a weekly drawing.  Each week, 10 of these ENTRY tickets will be drawn, and those winners will receive $500 each.   In addition, one of the 10 preliminary winners will be drawn for a chance to spin the wheel and win from $2,500 to $250,000. 

The "Fun & Fortune Wheel Spin" will be held at the Lottery’s Jefferson City office at 1823 Southridge Drive and is open to the public.  Each monthly "Wheel Spin" event will also be streamed on the Lottery’s Web site.

For more information about the new "Fun & Fortune Wheel Spin," visit the Missouri Lottery’s Web site at

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