2002-12-30 10:42:33.0


Story Photo A Macon man is bringing home the bacon after playing the Missouri Lottery’s “Solid Gold” Scratchers game.   Edward "Cookie" Minter, 43, said he bought one $2 "Solid Gold" Scratchers ticket at each of the Ice House locations in Macon on Dec. 27.  The next day, he scratched off the tickets and discovered one was worth $24,000.

Minter, who works as a mixer for Con Agra Foods in Macon, said he plans to use the windfall to pay bills. 

"I’m about due for a new truck," he said.  "My van’s about had it."

Minter said in addition to this win, he also won approximately $8,200 by participating in two of the Lottery’s "Fun & Fortune" game show.

“Solid Gold,” a $2 Scratchers game, officially went on sale Sept. 14.

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