2002-02-15 16:33:50.0


Story Photo A Paris woman received a hefty "bonus" during her lunch hour after buying $10 worth of Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets and winning $10,000. Michelle Painter, 29, said on Saturday, Feb. 9, she had about 10 minutes left of her lunch break so she stopped at Abel’s Quik Shop, 719 S. Main in Paris, and bought one $5 "Club Casino" Scratchers ticket and $5 worth of other tickets. She scratched off the $5 ticket first to find out she won a $10,000 prize. "I was so nervous, I had to have a friend check it for me," she said. Painter, who is a cashier at Hickman’s IGA in Paris, said she is sharing her prize with her husband, Rich, 27. They plan to use the winnings for a down payment on a house, a four-wheeler and a dirt bike for one of their sons. "Club Casino" is the 396th Scratchers game offered by the Missouri Lottery. It officially went on sale Feb. 13.

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