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A Herculaneum grocery shopper got help to her car on Sept. 9, but it wasn’t because she had a lot of groceries. Lorene "Renie" Becker, 58, said she bought one of the new $10 Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets at the service desk at Schnucks Market, 1181 Gannon Drive in Festus. She won $10 on that ticket, so she used the prize money to put towards four more "$300,000 Cash" tickets out of the vending machine, and one of those tickets turned out to be worth the game’s top prize of $300,000.

"I’ll probably use the money to pay bills, give my kids each some and set up trust funds for my grandkids," Becker said.

She also said she plans to use the prize money to make some improvements to her home, like buying some new carpet, and put some money in a retirement fund.

"It came at a real good time," said Becker, who is retired from the grocery business.

"$300,000 Cash," the Missouri Lottery’s first $10 Scratchers game, officially went on sale Aug. 24.

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