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Waverly Couple Claim First Prize in Game

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A couple from Waverly made a visit the Missouri Lottery office in Kansas City to claim a $1,000 prize and left with much more. While waiting for their $1,000 check, James and Adrianna Hill decided to play a few more Scratchers tickets. James won another $10, and then talked his wife into springing for a $20 ticket. Since the “Mega Multiplier Playbook” was out, they decided on the new holiday game which was just released. James scratched the first half, and then turned it over to Adrianna to finish it. The very first ticket sold was a $100,000 winner.

“I just wanted a ticket that both me and my wife could scratch together,” said James.

Adrianna explained how they ended up at the Kansas City office.

“I had to stop and get gas,” she recalled. “I was like, ‘Oh, Scratchers!’ I bought some for me, and I bought some for him. That’s when he got the $1,000 winner.”

James, who is a truck driver, originally won on a “10X The Money” Scratchers ticket. Because the money for the winning ticket at the Kansas City Lottery office came from Adrianna’s pocket, she got to claim the $100,000 prize. Adrianna, 35, works for the Missouri Department of Mental Health. They said they play Scratchers every two weeks or so.

“It’s kind of our little payday ritual,” said James.

The couple was unsure on how to spend the windfall. They are mulling over a new vehicle or possibly moving home to California.

“We’re still talking it over,” said Adrianna, with a laugh.

But she does know they’ll continue to play the Lottery.

“Just go with your gut,” she counseled other players. “Go with your gut when you’re picking your tickets.”

Happy Holidays” is a $20 game that officially began Sept. 21. The first of the holiday-themed Scratchers to be available for purchase is eligible to enter in the holiday second-chance promotion. Players can win up to $500,000 instantly on “Happy Holidays,” a new style of ticket that folds into a holiday card. It is the first $20 holiday game for the Missouri Lottery.


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