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A 48-year-old Overland woman won $50,000 tax paid* by playing the Missouri Lottery’s SHOW ME 5 Paydown game on July 18. Sandra Hart said she plans to use her winnings to pay bills, donate to charity and save some for her two sons. Hart purchased her winning ticket at Page Citgo, 10001 Page Ave. in St. Louis. She selected the winning numbers at random. They were: 9, 10, 22, 32 and 33. * The Missouri Lottery will pay 27 percent federal and 4 percent state withholding taxes for the top prize based on it’s value. Depending on personal income, winners may owe additional taxes for the prize, or they may be entitled to a refund. Total value of the top prize is $72,463.76. After withholding, winners will receive $50,000. If more than 14 players match the five winning numbers in a single drawing, $1 million will be divided equally among the number of winning tickets.

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