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Retiree Wins $59,746 Club Keno Prize at American Legion

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Former U.S. Army mechanic Ellen Neffgen has been enjoying the Missouri Lottery since retiring. Though she and her husband, Gerhardt, winter in Texas, she often plays when they visit their former home in St. Robert. Neffgen has won several prizes, though she topped them all on a recent stop at the American Legion, 484 St. Robert Outer Road, in St. Robert. While playing Keno, she bought an 8-spot ticket with Bulls-Eye that resulted in a $59,746 prize.

“We just bought a newer place down there in Texas, and we bought my husband a newer car,” began Neffgen. “Right now, we’re replenishing the good ‘ole savings account.”

She explained that she likes to visit the American Legion to visit with friends and play Club Keno. Neffgen won $25,000 in 2006 and $20,000 in 2014 on Scratchers tickets. When playing Keno, she normally plays a 4-spot ticket with Bulls-Eye, although she decided to go with a Quick Pick 8-spot ticket this time around.

“But in this particular instance, I played a Quick Pick, and that was the thing to do, I guess,” recalled Neffgen. “My advice would be to let the computer figure it out. Obviously, it does better than I do.”

The Neffgens love St. Robert, and although Ellen has good luck with the Missouri Lottery, they plan to make Texas their permanent residence. Surely, she’ll play the Lottery whenever they visit.

“The old adage is, ‘You can’t win if you don’t play,’” she exclaimed.

Club Keno is a daily Draw Game with drawings every four minutes. Players choose how many numbers to play, also called “spots,” and win prizes based on the number of matches.


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