June 12, 2015

Missouri Lottery Proceeds Increase Over Previous Fiscal Year

The Missouri Lottery announced today that proceeds to public education in FY15 came in $3.4 million higher than proceeds in FY14. Today’s final transfer of $25,258,803 brings FY15 proceeds to $270,701,018, the third highest ever.

“The Lottery is moving in the right direction,” said John Twitty, chairman of the Missouri Lottery Commission. “The Lottery has reduced some operating costs and looked closely at all their games to see what could be done to increase profits for education.”

Twitty said the Lottery saw positive gains in most in-state Draw Games, including the new Lucky for Life™ game. Several new Scratchers games, which were designed to attract new players, were introduced, including “AMC® The Walking Dead®,” “MARDI GRAS WORLD™” and “Escape to Margaritaville®.”

“The Lottery also found new venues to offer their games, like selling tickets at KCI Airport, sports stadiums and concerts,” Twitty added.  “It also now offers multi-state Draw Games tickets at some gas pumps and ATMs.”

In terms of proactively streamlining operations, the Lottery also saw a $7 million cost savings by rebidding the Draw Games system and advertising contracts, renegotiating the Pull-Tab product and loyalty program contract expenses, and self-imposing one-time budget reductions on promotional prizes, advertising, and expense and equipment costs.

“They’ve made some significant changes to help bring in more money for public education,” Twitty said. “I am confident we are headed in the right direction.”

One hundred percent of the proceeds from Missouri Lottery ticket sales go to public education. In fiscal year 2015, these proceeds were appropriated for a variety of programs including:  the Foundation Program, the A+ Scholarships Program, Special Education Excess Costs, the Classroom Trust Fund and 10-12 percent of the state’s funding for several public higher education institutions’ operating costs. For a complete list of programs, including information about Lottery dollars directed to your county, visit the Lottery’s website at MOLottery.com.

Each year, the proceeds are allocated by the governor and the state’s legislature during the annual appropriation process. These funds represent approximately 4 percent of the annual funding required for Missouri’s public education system.

For each dollar spent on the Lottery, more than 95 cents goes back to the citizens of the state in one form or another. Approximately 65 cents is returned to players as prizes, 24 cents goes to the state’s public education programs, 6.1 cents pays for retailers’ commissions, incentives and bonuses, and 4.9 cents is used for administrative costs.

              Amount                  Percent Change
FY87    $80,000,100.00  
FY88    $80,047,009.25   +0.05
FY89    $93,102,306.37   +16.3
FY90    $75,000,000.00  -19.4
FY91    $76,179,083.01  +1.6
FY92    $66,082,246.00  -13.3
FY93   $72,129,289.00     +9.2
FY94  $110,573,071.00  +53.3
FY95  $125,169,977.37  +13.2
FY96  $132,311,303.00  +5.7
FY97  $134,201,860.00  +1.4
FY98  $147,134,560.00  +9.6
FY99  $150,578,471.00  +2.3
FY00  $155,819,955.00  +3.5
FY01  $156,918,454.00  +0.70
FY02  $160,092,441.00  +2
FY03  $193,940,550.00  +21.1
FY04  $230,318,233.00  +18.8
FY05 $218,285,010.00  -5.2
FY06 $260,300,831.00  +19.2
FY07 $259,737,970.00  -0.2
FY08 $265,051,179.00  +2
FY09 $259,006,283.00  -2.3
FY10 $255,030,946.00  -1.5
FY11 $259,424,365.00  +1.7
FY12 $280,042,095.00  +7.9
FY13 $288,804,006.00  +3.13
FY14 $267,324,620.00  -7.4
FY15 $270,701,018.00  +1.3*
Total  $5,123,307,232*

Total transfers to General Revenue - $542,540,033.63
Total transfers to Public Education (FY94 – FY15) - $4,580,767,198.37*

* unaudited figures


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