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Cape Girardeau Woman's Dream Comes True

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Cynthia Bauer of Cape Girardeau will tell you she was down on her luck, but faith that the Missouri Lottery would deliver finally paid off. Bauer purchased a Quick Pick ticket for the Show Me Cash drawing on March 7. Her numbers came in, and she was able to claim the $462,000 jackpot on April 9. She saw this coming.

“I was told I was going to win this several years back. My deceased mother,” explained Bauer. “And I didn’t give up faith on that.”

She went on to recount a dream where her mother told her the prize would come someday.

“She said it would be like $250,000. It’s all happened before and everything. It’s always come true, but there’s no concept of time. Some things would be three years later,” said Bauer. 

She added that she tells people about the revelations in her dreams, or otherwise people don’t believe. She’s been waiting for this prediction to come true for 15 years.

“Somebody up there is looking down and said, ‘This is happening now,’” she concluded. “I was getting aggravated that it hadn’t come true yet, but I said, ‘I’ve got to play to win.’ It will never happen if I give up faith.”

It was the right time for the grandmother caring for her daughter’s three children.

“It will get me a nice home for me and the kids and a nice vehicle. I couldn’t have hit more rock bottom than I’ve hit. This just made my life!” Bauer declared.

She is one that likes to read the signs. A recent fortune cookie let her know it was coming this year.
“Last month, I was with my friend, and it said, ‘Your fondest dream will come true within this year.’ I kept feeling I was going to win on that one (Show Me Cash),” she said.

Bauer purchased her winning ticket at SEMO Mart, 40 N. Sprigg St., in Cape Girardeau. Although this dream is fulfilled, she’ll keep playing and watching for signs.

“I even said, ‘I don’t have to have a million.’ I just want to have a nice home, raise the grandchildren and have a nice vehicle that’s under warranty,” she stated. “You’ve got to believe; have faith.”

Show Me Cash is a daily Draw Game with jackpots that start at $50,000 and grow until someone wins. In the last year, 46 Show Me Cash jackpots have been awarded for an average amount of more than $190,000.

SEMO Mart received a $500 bonus for selling a winning jackpot ticket.


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