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Story Photo A houseman for Marriott cleaned up after he won $300,000 in the June 19 Powerball drawing. Ezekiel "Zeke" Vann, 42, of Kansas City (64132*) won three times the usual $100,000 for matching all five white-ball numbers by choosing the Power Play option when he purchased his Powerball ticket. Since the Power Play number drawn June 19 was three, his winnings tripled. "I plan to take care of my responsibilities first and then have fun," said Vann, when he claimed his prize on June 20. Vann said he and his wife, Carolyn, plan to play off their home loan and remodel their house with some of the winnings. Vann purchased his winning ticket at QuikTrip, 4327 Main in Kansas City. He used a set of numbers he has been playing for years: 1, 3, 4, 7, 11. Vann said he got the numbers years ago from a newscast of a millionaires club. His prize is the most ever won in Missouri for using the Power Play option. To date, 593 Powerball tickets sold in Missouri have matched all five white-ball numbers drawn to win the $100,000 prize. * winner’s zip code to help media determine coverage area

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