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A House Springs man turned $3 into $100,000 when he uncovered a top prize in the Missouri Lottery’s "Safari Survival" Scratchers game. Alan Frazey, 48, purchased his winning ticket April 2 at Express Mart - Otto, 5701 Highway 21 in House Springs, when he stopped for diesel fuel. Frazey said he only bought one $3 ticket that day. "I usually buy one, but that day I almost walked out without buying one," he said. Frazey, who drives a tow truck for a living, said he plans to use the money to buy a newer tow truck and invest the remaining money. "Safari Survival," which went on sale Oct. 20, 2001, offers players 16 chances to win cash prizes up to $100,000 and travel vouchers worth $2,000 in travel and $500 cash to take their own "Survivor" trip to a location of their choice.

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