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Story Photo Three is a charm for one New Haven retiree who recently matched five numbers on Feb. 6 playing Missouri Lotto to win $1,497. Edith Hoselton, 83, said she buys Lotto plays for 15 draws at a time. She also won $2,518 on a previous advanced-draw Missouri Lotto ticket by matching five numbers in the Sept. 29, 2001, drawing. In November 1999, Hoselton was a contestant on the Missouri Lottery’s "Fun & Fortune" game show, where she won $1,800 and $500 worth of Conestoga Steak gift certificates. "It’s fun," Hoselton said. "It is a form of recreation for me (to play the lottery)." Hoselton, who was a former beauty shop owner in Indiana, said she plans to enjoy herself with the money and maybe "spread it around." The five Lotto numbers that Hoselton matched on Feb. 6 to win the prize were: 15, 26, 32, 38 and 44. She said her lucky numbers are a combination of special dates, like birthdays. She also plays numbers that she finds in everyday life, like a number on a product box. Hoselton purchased her winning ticket at New Haven 66, 9333 Highway 100 in New Haven.

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