2002-03-27 08:51:01.0


Story Photo A 19-year-old Quincy, Ill., man has 10,000 reasons to be thankful that his grandma does his laundry after she discovered a Missouri Lottery ticket in his jeans pocket that turned out to be worth $10,000. Ryan Bowers said he purchased the "Diamond Bingo" Scratchers ticket about a month ago, and he thought it was only a $2 winner. When Bowers’ grandma found the ticket in his pocket Friday and checked it, she thought he had won $250. Upon showing the ticket to Bowers’ grandfather, he realized the lottery ticket was really worth $10,000. "We went back to West Quincy and had it scanned," Bowers said. Bowers said he remembered buying that ticket and another ticket about a month ago when he stopped at Ayerco in Taylor to get gas. Bowers, who is a student at Johnwood Community College in Quincy, Ill., said he plans to take his grandma and grandpa "out to dinner or something" with his winnings. He also plans to use some of the money to pay for school and invest the rest. Bowers is also employed with McDonalds in Quincy, Ill. "Diamond Bingo" is the 395th Scratchers game offered by the Missouri Lottery. The $2 game officially went on sale Jan. 12.

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