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First Top Prize Claimed in Scratchers 'Playbook'

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Kathy Mosman of Raymore is the first $250,000 top prize winner with the Missouri Lottery’s new “Lucky 7s Playbook™,” a new offering that contains six different Scratchers games in one booklet.

Mosman, 51, purchased her winning ticket at Rush Hour, 715 Foxwood, in Raymore. She uncovered the game’s top prize while scratching it off in her car just outside the store.

“I kept looking at it, and I read it several times, and I thought, ‘Surely, this can’t be right,’” she said, recalling the experience with a laugh.

Mosman took the ticket back inside and asked the clerk to double-check it, and when the news was good, “We started jumping up and down!”

Within the span of a few hours, she and her husband found themselves at the Lottery’s regional office in Independence to claim their quarter-of-a-million-dollar prize.

“We’re going to pay some bills, take a trip and put some away for retirement,” she said of plans for her prize money.

The “Lucky 7s Playbook” is a $20 game, which began on March 31. It offers top prizes of $250,000, as well as thousands of other cash prizes ranging from $20 to $50,000.  Remaining prizes for this game – which currently total more than $22 million, including four more $250,000 prizes – can be viewed at


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