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St. Louis Woman Finds Fast $30,000

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Carolyn Price of St. Louis has been playing the Missouri Lottery “Fast $100s” Scratchers tickets for the points incentive. Until May 18, the “Fast $100s” game earns players double points in the Lottery’s Points For Prizes® loyalty program. She never imagined she would win the $30,000 top prize until it happened.

“I went in to the get the ‘Fast $100s,’ but I ended up getting ‘Classic Cash,’” she began. “I didn’t win, so I thought, ‘I’m going to go back up and get what I should have gotten.’ It was like an hour later.”

Price returned to Beverly Hills Liquor & Grocery, 6714 Natural Bridge Road in Beverly Hills, and purchased two “Fast $100s” games in addition to some other Scratchers.

“So, I get home, and I scratch. I was scratching that one. I saw 19 on there, and I didn’t scratch off the prize amount yet,” she recalled. “I saw another 19 on there, so I knew I had a winner. I scratched off the prize on the first 19, and I saw $3,000. I just threw the ticket down, and said, ‘I just won $3,000! Yes, yes, yes.’”

Price said she would have been happy with that, but then she realized there were other winning amounts on the ticket. As she continued scratching, excitement filled the room.

“I kept scratching, and I said, ‘Oh, my God! Get this ticket. I’m about to pass out.’ So I gave it to my little daughter-in-law, and she goes, ‘Oh, I’m about to pass out, too!’ The ticket went around, everybody passed out. It was like a domino effect,” she concluded. 

Price didn’t wait long to claim the prize. She presented to the St. Louis Lottery office the next day, April 29. She said she was going to buy a car with the windfall.
“What I’m going to do is buy myself a car and pay bills. Long awaited bills,” she said. “It feels awesome.”

Price told others to “keep playing. It will happen.” 

“I’m one of the ones who always says, ‘No. You won’t win that. Not in this neighborhood.’ But it came true. I just can’t believe it. I never, ever, would’ve thought to see it,” she said. “I’m still shell-shocked. I don’t believe it still.”

Fast $100s” is a $2 game that officially began Dec. 13, 2013. Price located the sixth of nine top prizes available in the game. To date, more than $8 million in prizes remain. Players can sign up for a free My Lottery account and accumulate points for non-winning Scratchers tickets that can be redeemed for merchandise in the Missouri Lottery’s Points For Prizes® store. Learn more at MOLottery.com.


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