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Ellsinore Clerk Uncovers $5,000 Playbook Prize

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A grocery store employee uncovered a $5,000 prize on a Missouri Lottery “Lucky 7s Playbook” on March 31. Carolyn Pace, 48, said she bought the “playbook” at Simmon’s Grocery & Hardware store in Ellsinore, where she works as a clerk. She took it home to scratch off.

“I thought I’d won $700,” she said.
She went back to the grocery store to have her boss check it, and she found out it was actually worth $5,000.

Pace said she plans to put the money into savings.

Lucky 7’s Playbook,” a $20 game that started March 31, is a “book” containing six Scratchers games and 122 chances to win cash prizes up to $250,000. More than $33.8 million in prizes remain in the game.

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