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A St. Joseph woman will be headed to Walt Disney World with her family this summer after winning $100,000 in the May 12 Powerball drawing. Shelly Kendall, 32, said she also plans to use some of her winnings to pay bills and maybe pay off her car loan. Kendall, who works at a loan company, purchased her winning ticket the day of the drawing at Swiss Highland 66, 3011 N. Belt in St. Joseph. She says she picked the numbers at random about four years ago and has been playing them ever since. Those numbers are: 11, 16, 28, 29 and 36. Kendall discovered her win on Sunday, when she checked her ticket with the numbers published in the St. Joseph News-Press. "My husband was outside painting when I found out," she said. "I told him to come down off the ladder, I had something to tell him. When he started yelling, our neighbor thought he had fallen off the ladder." To date, 529 tickets worth $100,000 have been sold in Missouri since Powerball began nine years ago.

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