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$50,003 Scratchers Ticket Claimed in Springfield

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When Gene Collins of Springfield uncovered a $50,003 prize on a Missouri Lottery “Bingo Multiplier” Scratchers ticket, he was so excited that he raced directly to the Lottery’s regional office to claim his prize.

“I didn’t even get to tell my wife,” he said with a laugh, recalling his joy and eagerness to get there. “I left so fast I forgot my cell phone.”

When asked what his wife’s reaction might be when he shares the good news, he responded, “I just hope she doesn’t pass out!”

Collins, who purchased his winning ticket at Dillons, 2843 E. Sunshine St., routinely plays Scratchers games. He noted that he especially likes “the tickets that take longer to play,” such as the bingo-themed games. When making purchases, he also takes advantage of the Missouri Lottery’s mobile website to check remaining prizes for Scratchers games on his cell phone.

After taking his wife out for “a nice dinner,” he plans to pay off their camper and put some of the winnings into savings.

Collins’ prize is one of six top prizes made available in the “Bingo Multiplier” game, which officially began Feb. 11. The $3 ticket also offers thousands of prizes ranging from $3 to $25,003.

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