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Scan Reveals $90,000 Show Me Cash Jackpot Win

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When Melinda Walles of Galena went to scan a few Missouri Lottery tickets on the Check-A-Ticket machine at Spee-Dee’s Convenience Store, 30841 State Highway 413 in Galena, she was shocked to discover she was holding a winning Show Me Cash ticket.

“So I asked them for a printout of the winning numbers, just to make sure” she explained, as she claimed her $90,000 jackpot prize at the Lottery’s Springfield office later that same afternoon. She had gone straight there after verifying that the numbers on her Quick Pick ticket matched all five numbers drawn in the Sept. 25 drawing. Those winning numbers were:  5, 10, 24, 30 and 33.

“I’ve been playing on and off forever,” she said, adding that she just hoped to win a little something. “I about fell over; I left with a big smile on my face!”

Walles plans to put a portion of her winnings towards bills.

Show Me Cash is a daily Draw Game with jackpots that start at $50,000 and grow until someone wins. So far in 2013, there have been 43 Show Me Cash jackpot winning tickets – with an average prize of $168,244.


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