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Mexico Man Claims $10,000 Scratchers Prize

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When Emmett Timmons left a Missouri Lottery “Cadillac® Riches” Scratchers ticket behind for his fiancée to scratch, the Mexico man never expected the news that greeted him when he returned home.

“She could hardly breathe,” he shared, recounting the experience after buying the ticket at Xpress Mart, 1109 E. Liberty St., in Mexico.

In his absence, his fiancée, Martha, had uncovered a $10,000 prize by revealing the game’s “moneybag symbol” to automatically win all 20 prizes on the ticket.

“It was a very long half hour,” she laughed, as she remembered the time spent waiting for Timmons to return, so she could tell him the good news.

Timmons’ prize is one of eight $10,000 prizes made available in the "Cadillac® Riches" game, which officially began on Aug. 5.  The game also offers a top prize of $100,000 and the chance to win one of six Cadillac® vehicles instantly.

Remaining prizes for this, and all Missouri Lottery Scratchers games, can be tracked on the Scratchers page.

Through Nov. 5, players can enter non-winning “Cadillac® Riches” tickets into one of three second-chance drawings for a chance to win a new Escalade™ or one of 60 cash prizes.

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