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Missouri Lottery Proceeds Break Previous Record

Missouri Lottery ticket sales during the past fiscal year generated record proceeds for public education, surpassing $288.8 million and exceeding last year’s then-record by $8.8 million or 3.13 percent. Today’s final transfer for the fiscal year was the second-largest ever at $30.2 million.

“We are pleased to be able to surpass our goal and increase funding for education,” said May Scheve Reardon, executive director of the Missouri Lottery. “We couldn’t have done it without the hard work of the thousands of dedicated retailers who sell our tickets and the people who play our games. We can’t thank them enough for helping us ‘Play It Forward’ for education.”

Reardon said the Lottery’s new advertising campaign, “Play It Forward,” has been highly successful in bringing more awareness to where Lottery proceeds go, along with increasing the return on investment for each advertising dollar.

“The ‘Play It Forward’ campaign has helped us bring in $10 in sales for every $1 spent on advertising,” she said.  “That’s amazing.”

The Lottery also implemented a new loyalty program last fall called “Points For Prizes®” to provide convenience and added value to Scratchers purchases.

“Players can enter their non-winning tickets on our website to gain entry into relevant promotions and to earn points that they can redeem for merchandise,” Reardon said. “More than 112,000 players have signed up for the program, and more than $3.3 million in prizes have been redeemed already.”

The Lottery has also made changes to how it distributes Scratchers tickets, its biggest selling product. Now, most retailers receive new tickets on the same day, and retailers are incentivized for selling the new games within two days of delivery.

Other measures that contributed to the record-breaking transfer to education include:

• Changes to the Powerball game made in early 2012, which have made the jackpots grow bigger and faster;
• Strong Show Me Cash sales, more winners and jackpots averaging more than $188,000;
• Higher than designed payouts in the Pick 4 game;
• Popular Scratchers, including the “Cash for Life” family of games, taxes-paid games, and offering well-known brand games, such as “Slingo,” MONOPOLY™” and “Harley-Davidson®.”

“We also introduced a new Powerball/Mega Millions Scratchers game on May 20, and it has sold phenomenally,” said Reardon. “Sales were more than $3 million in the first two weeks alone.”

One hundred percent of the proceeds from Missouri Lottery ticket sales go to public education. In fiscal year 2013, these proceeds were appropriated for a variety of programs including:  the Foundation Program, the A+ Scholarships Program, Special Education Excess Costs, the Classroom Trust Fund and funding for several public higher education institutions. For a complete list of programs, including information about Lottery dollars directed to your county, visit the Lottery’s website at MOLottery.com.

Each year, the proceeds are allocated by the governor and the state’s legislature during the annual appropriation process. These funds represent approximately 4 percent of the annual funding required for Missouri’s public education system.

For each dollar spent on the Lottery, more than 95 cents goes back to the citizens of the state in one form or another. Approximately 64.8 cents is returned to players as prizes, 24.8 cents goes to the state’s public education programs, 6.2 cents pays for retailers’ commissions, incentives and bonuses, and 4.2 cents is used for administrative costs.

                        Amount                      Percent Change
FY87               $80,000,100.00                      
FY88               $80,047,009.25                       +.05
FY89               $93,102,306.37                       +16.3
FY90               $75,000,000.00                       -19.4
FY91               $76,179,083.01                       +1.6
FY92               $66,082,246.00                       -13.3
FY93               $72,129,289.00                       +9.2
FY94               $110,573,071.00                     +53.3
FY95               $125,169,977.37                     +13.2
FY96               $132,311,303.00                     +5.7
FY97               $134,201,860.00                     +1.4
FY98               $147,134,560.00                     +9.6
FY99               $150,578,471.00                     +2.3
FY00               $155,819,955.00                     +3.5
FY01               $156,918,454.00                     +.70
FY02               $160,092,441.00                     +2
FY03               $193,940,550.00                     +21.1
FY04               $230,318,233.00                     +18.8
FY05               $218,285,010.00                     -5.2
FY06               $260,300,831.00                     +19.2
FY07               $259,737,970.00                     -.2
FY08               $265,051,179.00                     +2
FY09               $259,006,283.00                     -2.3
FY10               $255,030,946.00                     -1.5
FY11               $259,424,365.00                     +1.7
FY12               $280,042,095.00                     +7.9
FY13               $288,804,006.00                     +3.13
Total               $4,585,281,594*

Total transfers to General Revenue - $542,540,033.63
Total transfers to Public Education (FY94 – FY13) - $4,042,741,560.37*

* unaudited figures

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