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If being transferred to Hawaii wasn’t lucky enough, a Coast Guard officer also won $100,000 on a Powerball ticket he purchased on his way through Missouri during his move. Anthony Le Conte, 25, of Honolulu, Hawaii, said he was driving through Steele on his way to St. Louis last June, when he decided to buy some Powerball tickets. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, when Le Conte checked the Missouri Lottery’s Web site for winning numbers, that he found out one of his tickets was worth $100,000. Le Conte, who is an executive petty officer for the Coast Guard, said he and his wife, Jennifer, plan to invest the money. Part of the investing will be for education for their 3-year-old son and their twins, which are due to be born in May. Le Conte purchased his winning ticket for the June 28 drawing at D & N Raceway in Steele. He let the computer pick the winning combination. Those numbers were: 13, 24, 27, 30 and 45. To date, 509 Powerball tickets worth $100,000 have been sold in Missouri since the game began in 1992.

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