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Twist of Fate Turns into $4,000 MO Lottery Prize

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A Jonesburg man ended his workday with an extra $4,000 in his pocket, thanks to an unexpected string of events in early December.
When 23-year-old Charles Parmalee stopped at Pilot Travel Centers, 1 Camp Branch Road in Warrenton, he initially intended on purchasing only chewing gum before heading home from his job at Coca Cola. However, before checking out, he saw $20 on the floor. After asking fellow shoppers if they knew who the money belonged to, he realized it was up for grabs.
Parmalee considered saving the money to buy gas for his car, but he decided to “take a chance” on a Missouri Lottery “$4,000,000 Cash Spectacular” ticket instead.
“I got lucky,” he said, referring to uncovering a $4,000 prize.
The first-time Lottery winner added that the prize will not only help with holiday bills, but it will also allow him to “buy something nice” for Christmas for his wife and 6-month-old son.         

$4,000,000 Cash Spectacular” a $20 game with a top prize of $4 million, officially started on Aug. 11.

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