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Five years and nearly $14 million in prizes later, the Missouri Lottery’s "Fun & Fortune" game show continues to get better. Starting with the Jan. 13 game show, the bonus round will be called "Mega Multiplier," and it will offer a new top prize of $250,000. Prior to the Jan. 13 show, the final bonus round was called "Missouri Multiplier," and the top prize was $100,000. "During the past three years, we have had four players win the $100,000 top prize, not to mention hundreds of other contestants who won large cash prizes," said Amy Berendzen, broadcast manager for the Missouri Lottery. "Winning a quarter of a million dollars will no doubt add a lot of excitement to the show." More than $13 million in cash prizes has been awarded to "Fun & Fortune" game show contestants and home partners since the show began on Jan. 20, 1996 - the Missouri Lottery’s 10th anniversary. Another $850,000 in non-cash prizes, such as vehicles and trips, has been won by contestants. "It’s a great time to make this big change to the game show, since the Lottery will celebrate it’s 15th anniversary on Jan. 20 ," said Berendzen. For more information, visit the "Fun & Fortune" section of the Missouri Lottery’s Web site at

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