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St. Louis State Employee Secures $250,000 at Scratchers 'Hot Spot'

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A St. Louis man’s daydreams have become reality after claiming a $250,000 prize on a Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket. Harold Potts, a 28-year-old Missouri state employee, said it was by chance that he even bought his winning “$4,000,000 Cash Spectacular” ticket at his self-proclaimed “hotspot” store – QuikTrip, 8815 Page Blvd., in Overland.

“The clerk said, ‘We’re out of your usual, so would you like to get the ‘$4,000,000 Cash Spectacular?”’ Potts recalled, explaining that he was initially disappointed when he learned that the store only had one “$3,000,000 Taxes Paid” ticket left in stock. “I said, ‘What the heck. Give me two of those.’”

As luck would have it, going outside of his regular purchasing routine worked out a quarter-of-a-million times better.

“I couldn’t believe it,” the father-of-three reminisced, referring to the moment he scratched off the ticket while in the car with two of his children. “I thought it had to be a misprint.”

Potts joked that he had his very own “movie moment” when he saw the prize amount, noting that he rubbed his eyes and “did a double-take” before running back into the store to ask the clerk a very important question.

“Can you please look at this and make sure I’m not losing my mind?” Potts asked.

After the clerk scanned the ticket, he confirmed that Potts’ mind was intact.

“It’s been a real exciting couple of days for me,” Potts shared.

“Sometimes you daydream, but it’s just wishful thinking. I could actually daydream and think about stuff. And now I have the means to actually go and do and get these things. It’s just a wonderful feeling!”

In terms of windfall plans, he wants to “let the money work for me,” clarifying that he intends to invest the winnings, so he won’t “have to work as hard for the rest of my life.”

Potts had some advice for fellow players hoping to find Lottery luck.

“I try to tell a lot of people that I see playing Lottery that the $1, $2 or $3 tickets are cool, if you’re just having a little fun, but if you actually want to win some money, $10 and $20 tickets are where it’s at,” Potts explained. “You have to play big to win big!”

$4,000,000 Cash Spectacular,” a $20 game with a top prize of $4 million, officially started on Aug. 11. To date, three top prizes and thousands of prizes ranging from $20 to $250,000, remain in play.


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