2001-07-09 09:12:22.483


Sometimes forgetfulness is a good thing. It helped Douglas Waller of Festus to realize he had won $100,000 with the Missouri Lottery’s Powerball. Waller, who turned 30 one week before his win, and his wife, Claudia, were on their way to go fishing when his wife realized she had forgotten to buy worms. "I went back into a gas station to get the worms and decided to check my ticket," Waller said. He had allowed the computer to pick out his numbers on the ticket he bought at Twin Gables Grocery, 2335 Highway 61 in Festus. The winning numbers were: 3, 6, 33, 34 and 39. Waller, a factory worker who plays the Lottery twice a week, said he will use the money to help pay for a trip to Florida and a new truck. He will also pay off a few bills and invest some of it for his daughter.

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