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Lottery Prize Puts Honeymoon on the Horizon for Not-So-Newlyweds

Story Photo audio icon After two years of marriage, Christina and Anthony Bulen of Macon are finally planning a honeymoon, thanks to winning a $4,368 Missouri Lottery Club Keno prize in late March.
“We weren’t able to afford it when we got married,” Christina explained. “We wanted to go on a cruise to Alaska or go deep sea fishing in Florida. We’ll probably go to Florida.”
Christina credits the desire to try something new as the catalyst which led the couple to purchase a few Club Keno tickets while dining at Suzie Q’s Bar and Grill, 101 W. Front Ave., in New Cambria.
“The bar owner had to help us, because we’d never played Keno before,” she said. “She had to show us how to play.”
While “watching the little board,” the couple realized that the numbers they selected were coming up. 
“We thought, ‘Oh, cool. We won enough that it will pay for dinner,’” she recalled.
After all of the winning numbers appeared, Christina “turned to the gal that owns the bar, and said, ‘We just got all six numbers. Check this, and tell me I’m not crazy!’”
As for what happened next, the duo “started crying.”
“We both realized that we just paid off our bills,” she shared, adding that prize will allow the pair to be “pretty close to debt-free.”
“It’s a huge weight off of both of our shoulders,” she concluded. “We’ve been working very hard to pay these bills off for a long time. It’s kind of like starting over for us.”
To play Club Keno, players can choose how many different numbers (also called “spots”) they want to play from 1 to 10. Twenty numbers from a field of one to 80 are chosen in a computerized random Club Keno drawing held every four minutes.

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