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You May Be A Winner!

Missouri Lottery Executive Director May Scheve Reardon is advising all players who buy Powerball tickets in Taylor to check their tickets. A winning Bonus Raffle ticket in the “Go Anywhere Getaway” promotion was issued at Ayerco, 8800 Highway 24, in Taylor. The winner is holding a ticket to anywhere in the world.
“A Powerball player in northeast Missouri has won a trip for two to anywhere in the world, but they probably don’t know it yet,” said Reardon. “Players can find the winning Bonus Raffle numbers at, or scan tickets on a Check-A-Ticket machine to see if they won.”
This is the first grand-prize winner in the “Go Anywhere Getaway” promotion. Five players also won a travel prize package, and 100 players won $100 in cash in the first drawing.
“The good news is that we’re going to award three more prizes like this. Just as winning a Powerball jackpot would let you do anything you can imagine, this promotion will enable four grand-prize winners to travel anywhere it’s safe to go,” explained Reardon.
The grand-prize winning Bonus Raffle number for the first drawing was:  2700647979.
Between now and Feb. 11, any $2 or greater Powerball single-ticket purchase for the current draw will produce a Bonus Raffle ticket for the “Go Anywhere Getaway” promotion. In four weekly drawings, one player will win a trip to anywhere in the world, five players will win a travel prize package and 100 winners will win $100 in cash. Learn more at

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