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$25.4 Million Sent to Education from Lottery Sales

The Missouri Lottery transferred $25.4 million to the Lottery Proceeds Fund to benefit public education programs in December. The monthly transfer of $25,483,947 was based on proceeds from November ticket sales, and brings the total for Fiscal Year 2012 to more than $135.4 million.

Since the Lottery began in 1986, it has generated more than $4.1 billion for the state and public education. Programs funded in FY12 include the A+ Schools Program, the Foundation Program and Access Missouri. For more information about Missouri Lottery proceeds, see the “Where the $ Goes” section at

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Check your Scratchers tickets!  Five games are scheduled to expire in January.  They are:

Game 744, “Monte Carlo,” – expires Jan. 16, 2012;
Game 793, “Lucky Gold,” – expires Jan. 16, 2012;
Game 802, “Show Me 7’s,” – expires Jan. 16, 2012;
Game 803, “Spicy Cash,” – expires Jan. 16, 2012; and
Game 813, “5X Bingo,” – expires Jan. 16, 2012.

For a complete list of expiration dates and games, visit


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