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Missouri Lottery Scratchers sales are reaching record levels, and with more than a million winners every week, the instant games are fast becoming a favorite for Lottery players. Scratchers sales from January through October reached more than $239 million, the highest total ever for the first 10 months of the year, according to Bill Burton, instant product manager for the Missouri Lottery. For the fiscal year of 2002, which began on July 1, 2001, Scratchers sales are up more than 14 percent compared to last year. "I think our players have noticed some changes we’ve made to Scratchers tickets," Burton said. "We have increased the number of significant wins by putting more of the prize money in higher prize categories, mostly $5 and $10 prizes. Players are winning more and having more fun." Burton said due to the changes, each week more than 177,000 players win $5 or more. "When players win a prize of $5 or more, they tend to feel they had a positive experience playing a Scratchers ticket, so they enjoy playing more," he said.

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