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Holiday Scratchers Provide $10,000 Win for Raymore Man

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A fondness for holiday-themed Scratchers tickets might just lead to a few more presents under the Christmas tree for a Raymore man and his family. Tommy Hogan, 37, uncovered one of 18 $10,000 prizes offered in the Missouri Lottery’s “Holiday Treasures” Scratchers game.

“I’ve been playing the holiday games. I like them because they’re Christmas-y,” he laughed. “And now that I won, my daughters are already talking iPods for Christmas.”

The win came on one of two tickets Hogan purchased at Zipz, 6100 E. State Route 150, in Grandview. It’s a routine stop for the railroad worker, who often drops in for a soda there, as well as the occasional Lottery ticket.

On Nov. 19, he realized his decision to make that stop was about to pay off, as he scratched the tickets inside the store.

“What does everyone do?” he said, when asked about his initial reaction to winning $10,000. “I was hoopin’ and hollerin’ and giving high fives. I couldn’t believe it.”

 “Holiday Treasures” is a $10 game that officially began Oct. 22 and offers a top prize of $250,000.  

Through Jan. 3, 2012, players can also submit $10 worth of non-winning holiday-themed Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets, including “Holiday Treasures,” into the “Cash Away, Cash Away, Cash Away All!” second-chance promotion. The Lottery will award cash prizes of $15,000, $1,000 and $500 through three promotional holiday drawings.

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