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Truman State Student Follows Hunch, Wins $10,000

Story Photo audio icon At St. Charles man who attends school at Truman State University was “feeling lucky,” so he purchased a Missouri Lottery “$3,000,000 Taxes Paid” Scratchers ticket that yielded a $10,000 prize. Brian Strode, 22, purchased the winning ticket at Shop N Go, 1312 S. Baltimore St., in Kirksville on Oct. 22. 
“I haven’t bought a $20 ticket in, I can’t tell you how long,” Strode said. “I was bored, and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m feeling lucky today.’ So I went to the station and bought it.”
Little did he know that the ticket would lead to an even more “boring” weekend. There was some excitement, as he scratched the ticket in his apartment.
“I was scratching it, and I saw the first two (lines) were $1,000 winners. I called my mom, and then scratched off the rest of it while I was talking to her,” he recalled. “She was with my grandma and grandpa, my dad and one of my brothers. They all got to hear it on speaker phone as I was scratching off all of the numbers. It was pretty loud. I was kind of yelling a little bit, and they were all yelling too, because they were happy. It was exciting.”
“I’ve never won that much money. It was a new experience for me,” he added.
After the excitement died down, Strode became nervous about holding the winning ticket. He decided to “play it cool” for the rest of the weekend until he could claim the prize at Lottery headquarters on Oct. 24. He stashed the ticket in his backpack.
“I wanted to celebrate on Saturday, but I didn’t want to leave my apartment,” he explained. “I wanted to be careful with that amount of money sitting in there.”
Strode said he would use some of the money to pay off a student loan, so he wouldn’t have to “pay interest.” He finishes his degree in health sciences this year and then plans to enter an accelerated nursing program.
“It’ll be nice to pay for school up front and not have to worry about anything else,” he said. “The majority of it I’m going to save, because I have more school to pay for.”
Strode admitted that he might spend a little around town this semester and on spring break.    
“I’m going on a trip to Cancun with some friends in the spring, so this will cover those costs as well,” he offered.
The occasional Lottery player said he would try again, within reason.
“I’m happy with $10,000; absolutely,” he confirmed. “I never expected that to happen to me. You hear about other people winning, but when it happens to you, it’s different. It’s kind of hard to believe at first, and then it settles in finally.
“You’ve got to play within your means,” he suggested. “I’ll still play occasionally. You never know what could happen.”
$3,000,000 Taxes Paid” is a $20 game that officially began Aug. 13. The game features a top prize of $3 million, including taxes on the prize, and four second prizes of $500,000. More than $70 million in prizes remain in the game. Track prizes remaining for this and any Missouri Lottery Scratchers game here at Molottery.com.

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