2001-12-19 16:05:52.0


One unknown Missouri Lottery player knows firsthand that it is better to give than to receive. Shelli Cookson, assistant manager of Ayerco, Junction U.S. 61 and MM in Hannibal, said she recently received and opened a plain envelope, postmarked "Hannibal," and found a Missouri Lottery "Lucky Bucks" Scratchers ticket and a note that instructed the recipient to donate the winnings to the Children’s Cancer Fund. Cookson said she looked at the ticket and quickly realized the it was worth $200. "We have no idea who it was from," Cookson said. "We used to have those donation jars to the Children’s Cancer Fund on our counter, but the group that placed them there had taken them away." Cookson said the anonymous donor obviously had seen the jars on the business’ counter before and thought by mailing the ticket to the retailer that it could be added to the jars. She said the company will make sure the prize money is sent to the fund. "It’s been the talk around here for a while," Cookson said. "It was a very generous gift."

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