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Sikeston Woman Sacks $50,000 Surprise

Story Photo When Jamie Benniefiel of Sikeston overheard a customer tell a clerk at Break Time, 1302 S. Main in Sikeston, that they changed their mind about wanting a Missouri Lottery “Bonus Crossword” Scratchers ticket, she decided to purchase the ticket herself.
“I figured that I might as well buy the ticket, because the clerk already took it out,” explained Benniefiel.
Moments later, the 25-year-old “didn’t know how to feel” as she stared at the $50,000 prize amount she had just uncovered.
“I thought I was dreaming,” the first-time Lottery winner recalled.
As for plans for the prize money, Benniefiel intends to use the windfall to purchase her first home, adding that the prize money will undoubtedly “make life a little bit easier.”

Bonus Crossword,” a $3 game with a top prize of $50,000, officially began on July 2.

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