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Jefferson City Woman Wins $77,000 on Husband's Birthday

Story Photo Doris Dolce of Jefferson City knew just what to get her husband for his birthday – Missouri Lottery tickets. The 50-year-old mother-of-two “had been winning a little bit” on “Power 7’s” Scratchers tickets for the past few weeks, so she decided to try and extend her luck by purchasing five tickets for her husband and four tickets for herself. While writing out her husband’s birthday card on July 31, she took a break and scratched the tickets that she had bought for herself at Gerbes, 2805 W. Truman Blvd., in Jefferson City.
What happened next came as a shock.
“I ran to find my husband, and said, ‘Come back to the bedroom!’” Dolce recalled.
Nearly out-of-breath from excitement, she explained that she had bought him Lottery tickets for his birthday, but she had also bought some for herself.
“I said, ‘Here, look at this! We won!’” she added over laughter, noting that her son overhead the commotion and asked his mother to “calm down.”
The couple, who will celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary in October, plan to use the windfall to “pay some bills” and take a special vacation.  
“My niece is getting married in Jamaica in January, and we’ve been trying to figure out a way to make it to the wedding,” explained Doris’ husband, Chas. “Now the whole family can go.”
Chas joked that it “figures my wife would win on my birthday on tickets that she bought for herself.” He affirmed that he was “very thankful” for their family’s good fortune.
“I definitely won’t forget this birthday,” he said.

“Power 7’s" is a $5 game with a top prize of $77,000 that officially began on Dec. 4.

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