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Missouri Lottery Sales Top $1 Billion, Set New Record

For the first time ever, Missouri Lottery ticket sales for the fiscal year topped $1 billion. Total unaudited sales for fiscal year 2011, the Lottery’s 25th anniversary year, were $1,001,323,458, up more than 3 percent from the previous fiscal year. 

“It’s been a year for milestones. We just reached $1 billion in annual sales and surpassed $4 billion in proceeds historically in June. All this happened during our 25th anniversary year. The Lottery has grown tremendously since it started,” said May Scheve Reardon, executive director of the Missouri Lottery. 

Reardon said that in the Lottery’s 25 years of operations, sales have gone from $206.9 million annually to more than $1 billion. Proceeds to the state and public education have also grown from $80 million in FY87 to more than $259.4 million in FY11.

According to Reardon, strong Scratchers sales fueled the FY11 increase, along with the Lottery’s increased advertising budget.

“There is no doubt in my mind that additional advertising money helped increase sales,” Reardon noted. “We were up against so many adverse factors, like the economy, rising gas prices and fewer high jackpots. We couldn’t have done this without being more visible through advertising.”

Reardon noted that in addition to advertising, the Lottery also saw a 4.5 percent increase in Scratchers sales due, in part, to the use of easily recognizable licensed properties tickets, such as Royal Caribbean® in the Lottery’s “25th Anniversary Cruise” game and the “Bass Pro Shops®” ticket, and tickets with tie-ins to Missouri professional sports teams, like the St. Louis Cardinals and Rams, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Our partnerships with major league teams in Missouri no doubt helped our sales,” Reardon said. “The exposure and credibility we earn through these teams are invaluable.”

Draw Games such as Mega Millions, Show Me Cash and Club Keno also added to the annual sales increase. Mega Millions offered Missourians a chance to play for the largest jackpot ever in January 2011, when the jackpot reached $380 million. The addition of the EZ Match feature to Show Me Cash during the final four months of FY11 added more than $2.5 million to the game’s sales, bringing the game’s total sales up more than 10 percent.

“Club Keno was up more than 18 percent due to aggressive recruiting of new retailers and the addition of Keno to Go,” Reardon said.

Other changes to Lottery operations also added to the increase. “We moved the drawing times for our nightly draws back a couple of hours in January,” Reardon said. “This enabled players more time each day to buy tickets for the evening drawings. We also made some changes at retail, adding more Scratchers to the vending machines and displays, getting new tickets out faster and handling ticket outages more efficiently.”

More than $621.6  million* in prizes were awarded to Missouri Lottery players during fiscal year 2011, increasing the total prizes won since the Lottery began in 1986 to more than $8.2 billion. Eighteen Missouri Lottery tickets worth $1 million or more were sold, awarding jackpots ranging from $1 million to $4.9 million. A total of $33 million in jackpot prizes were won by players during the past fiscal year.

Thirteen Powerball tickets worth $200,000 were sold in Missouri during fiscal year 2011, along with five Mega Millions prizes of $250,000. A total of 50 jackpot-winning Show Me Cash tickets ranging from $50,000 to $829,986 were also won by Missouri Lottery players in FY11.

During the past fiscal year, retailers who sell Missouri Lottery products earned more than $62 million* in commissions, incentives and bonuses for selling Lottery tickets, bringing the total historically to more than $862 million.*


  FY11 FY10
Lotto $25,215,759*   $28,751,655 
Pick 3 $64,078,928*  $68,177,111 
Pick 4 $29,557,600* $29,117,095
Show Me Cash $29,530,109*   $26,711,262
EZ Match $2,490,930*   n/a 
Powerball $83,385,041*  $112,711,538
Mega Millions $34,886,537*  $12,059,295
Club Keno $65,314,996* $55,192,089
Lucky Dough $45,678*  $1,081,490
Scratchers $666,817,880*   $638,062,954
Total $1,001,323,458*  $971,864,489


FY11                           $1,001,323,458*
FY10                           $   971,864,489
FY09                           $   968,451,895
FY08                           $   995,492,888
FY07                           $   934,270,658
FY06                           $   913,518,251
FY05                           $   785,597,632
FY04                           $   791,154,358
FY03                           $   708,047,512 
FY02                           $   585,189,254
FY01                           $   508,301,104
FY00                           $   507,845,586
FY99                           $   513,251,456
FY98                           $   494,298,761
FY97                           $   439,592,300
FY96                           $   422,530,945
FY95                           $   411,664,824 
FY94                           $   350,518,546
FY93                           $   256,675,345
FY92                           $   220,359,753
FY91                           $   216,240,866
FY90                           $   223,367,147
FY89                           $   199,202,382
FY88                           $   147,761,618
FY87                           $   174,081,815
FY86                           $   206,990,610
Total:                         $13,947,593,453


* unaudited  figures

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